We work at the forefront of data science to help music businesses turn cold data into powerful insights and build state-of-the-art data products

Our Services

We help our clients find a new and better way to work with data and make it truly actionable. We do this by thoroughly auditing your current data practices and locating a better way to structure, process, and present the data. Then, we help align the tech team with your business needs by developing roadmaps and setting the priorities to ensure that our recommendations are implemented.

We help music tech companies leverage emerging big-data tech, including machine learning, AI-driven predictive algorithms, and more. We build bespoke innovative data products from the ground up, and make sure that they bring immediate value to your team, clients and partners.

Make sure that your next strategic decision is grounded in cutting-edge analysis of the emerging trends in the music industry. Our analytics team combines a deep knowledge of the current music business landscape with unmatched expertise in music data analytics to bring our clients tangible, actionable insights.

Current & Past Clients