About me

Hi! I’m Julie Knibbe, and I’ve been working with music data for about eight years — first at Deezer working on discovery algorithms, and then at Soundcharts creating data analytics tools to help music professionals discover artists and develop artists’ careers. While more of the music industry is definitely opening up to the importance of a data-driven mindset, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of available information. Professionals should explore data with a purpose, and I’ve made it my personal mission to make data and technology more understandable and accessible to music professionals so they can make the best of it.

I started my own company Music Tomorrow to provide data analytics and product management services to artists and music professionals to help them develop innovative digital strategies. 

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Public speaking & Interviews

Data is Power, Reeperbahn Festival, 2020

Streaming & Algorithmes, comment optimiser sa visibilité en tant qu’artiste?, JIRAFE / Réseau MAP, 2020

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La data au service de la connaissance des publics, Prodiss, 2019

La promotion d’artistes sur les plateformes digitales, SAE Institute, 2019

Holding attention: the importance of User Experience, FFWD Sydney, 2018

Fast15: Don’t be deceived by data, FFWD Sydney, 2018

We need to talk about playlists, FFWD Sydney, 2018

Convergence audio/video: le streaming de demain? Mama Festival 2018

Comment construire une stratégie produit, Thiga/Deezer, Meetup Mobile, 2017

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Deezer’s 2 top ladies share how Open API is adding on to its success, e27, 2015

La musique entre-t-elle dans l’économie de l’attention?, MaMa Festival 2015

Deezer Developer Strategy, Digital Music Trends @ Midem, 2014