Data in the Music Industry

Throughout the past decade, the landscape of music data has turned from independent passion projects into a fully blown vertical of the music business. That’s why we’ve decided to start compiling a yearly edition of our State of Data in the Music Industry Report. Our goal is to uncover exactly how and why professionals across the music industry engage with music data, assess the level of data proficiency in the industry, and create a public record of how music data practices develop over time.

We want to structure our subset of the industry and share this knowledge with our audience, but we need your help to make it happen. So, if you have about 10 minutes to spare (no matter if you’re a data-savvy, seasoned executive or a young developing professional), please follow the link below and let us know how you and your company work with data. We would really appreciate your input! If you’re interested in the results of the report, take the survey below to receive a complete copy of the report for free.

In 2021, data analytics are integrated into most music workflows, with thousands of professionals grounding their day-to-day and strategic decisions in data-driven insights. Most music companies are constantly exchanging data to keep the digital music industry spinning, and music professionals now have access to dozens of different data tools and dashboards, aggregating millions upon millions of data points.

We at Music Tomorrow aim to help the music industry to find a new and better way to work with data by sharing some of the knowledge we’ve acquired throughout 10+ years of working with cutting edge music data products and companies. Check out our blog to learn about the latest data techniques in the music business, or follow our newsletter for a digestible monthly update.